Monday, November 10, 2008

Vets Cross

Yesterday was Veteran's Cross at Leavenworth High School. This was my very first cross race 4 years ago. It's sad that the field used for the race will be a parking lot next year, but it's time for some new courses as well. This was definitely not my best race. I felt surprisingly good after Saturday's flogging, but I just could not get in the groove. After a strong start, and a good first lap, there was a wreck on a off-camber downhill turn. First, Second, and myself in 3rd or 4th went down. This put me in about 10th and trying to play catch-up. I went down on my own taking another turn too hot. That really knocked the wind out of my sails. I put my head down again and then tried to break though a taped section. Like I said, not my day. I just set into a tempo pace and motored on through the race. I ended up in 11th, and it probably knocked me out of series contention. I look forward to racing this weekend at St. Mary's. I think I'm going to double up and race the 1/2/3s as well. If you see me Sunday...hold me to this!

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