Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Boss Cross #4

Our series finale was this past Saturday and things went great. The course was absolutely perfect, and I was fortunate enough to hear that from dozens of racers throughout the day. Final series points are posted up on the blog, as are a few notes about the races and next season. I want to give a big shout out to Josh Stamper, Andrew Slater, and Zach Dubas for their hard work in tearing the course down. Josh is putting on a guaranteed great event this coming weekend in Manhattan, and asked to use our equipment for his event. Our agreement was that the bad goat team would be in charge of course tear down in exchange for all of our stakes and cones. It's a bummer that only 3 of them showed up. Jeremy and I both told our beautiful ladies that we would actually be home at a decent hour instead of breaking down the course for 3+ hours. So, after our things were gathered and our strings were tied we took off. Sorry to leave you guys hanging, but that's part of putting on a bike race. Hopefully you can go out and support their team and club at their race next weekend!
More good things to come.