Friday, November 14, 2008

Trans Iowa Registration

I sent in my Trans Iowa Registration. It is a post card style registration that fills up at 75 participants. I sent in a post card from two different post offices to make sure they would get there. The race opened to past participants on Tuesday, and opens to new comers this coming Monday. My post cards should be there on Monday, then it's really time to commit. It's going to be a long winter of soggy centuries and early mornings. After doing the Dirty Kanza the last two years, I'm ready to make the jump to Trans Iowa. The event will be extremely difficult, and the field is already incredibly stacked. Here's a shot of slater and I early in this years DK200.
Hopefully the weather will be cooperative. Iowa in the Spring can be unpredictable.


Cornbread said...

It'll be great to have you along for the journey next spring.

TI is a great motivator for putting in those winter miles.

Joe Fox said...

CB, I'm really looking forward to it. I've still got my fingers crossed that one of my postcards makes it to g-ted.