Monday, November 17, 2008

Kansas State CX

Another new venue for this fine cross season. This one at St. Mary's University in Leavenworth. My legs felt heavy during my warm-up laps and the first lap or two of the race, but they soon worked their way into a pedal-pushin frenzy. The course had a nice uphill brick start followed by a treed section into a flowy hammering downhill into a fast barrier section. I was really railing the down hill section and trying to hit the barriers with speed. My brakes had their finest sounding "freight train" day yet. The section after the barries sent us through another treed section then another uphill brick followed by a very well built spriral. I felt pretty good most of the race, but never had the energy to keep track of the riders around me. I knew I had a chance to win the series, but my main focus was just finishing this race. I rode most of it with David White who was racing in the 30+ masters category. With a 5th place finish and a mental error on the part of another rider I was able to win the 3/4 De Stad Series. It'll be nice to race for free next year. I decided to test my legs and double up and race the 1/2/3 race as well. I felt alright for the first 7 laps and then my legs just stopped working. The last 3 laps were really painful, and the small hills felt like mountains. I know what kind of work I need to do in the off season to be ready to race with these guys next year.

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