Monday, May 12, 2008


Good riding Saturday. Left my place at 7:00 rode some backroads to Leavenworth, met up with Puskas, then headed south to Lawrence to meet the others. Brandon, Kristen, John, Andrew and Cody (on a single speed), showed up at mile 40 and we rolled on to Oskaloosa. Casey's was a life saver and I enjoyed a couple Snickers and some honey bbq Fritos. The pace had slowed but we pushed on to Perry and then west toward Topeka. I finally had to take the road home to Lawrence and meet Kathy and my family for a Mother's Day dinner at Free State. 104 miles, a little over half on gravel. Hopefully after a long week of commuting and a couple more long rides I'll be ready for the Dirty Kanza.
It was nice to have the whole weekend off. Lots of riding Saturday and lots of time with Levi and Kathy on Sunday. Two weeks until his Baptism and Kathy and mine 1 year anniversary! Good times to come.

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