Monday, May 19, 2008

Bike week is finally over

After a very long week of riding (395 miles of road/gravel and singletrack), my legs are shot. It was a great week for riding with nice weather, good group rides at both shops, and even a MTB race up in St. Joe. In prep for the Dirty Kanza I thought it would be a good idea to ride to St. Joe on my cross bike and then race. I left at 8:30, which was supposed to be 8:15 and rolled up to registration at 11:25. Almost 50 miles with about 25% on gravel and a N headwind the whole way. I never thought it could be 85* in mid May and we could still have a N wind. The roads were in great shape and I got to ride a lot of new ones once I passed Deerborn.
It was my first XC race in a couple years and I forgot how fast those are from the gun. I got the hole shot in the sport class, but that didn't last long. At the end of the first lap I was in second with 3rd and 4th not too far behind, and I could feel my legs wearing out already. I ended up getting 4th in sport coming home with a medal, t-shirt and a beanie. Heartland puts on a great event and the trails were really nice and twisty.
My new wheels for the Superfly will be done this week, so the next race will be on that.
This will be a mellow week for riding with on 12 more days til the DK, it's pretty much all that's on my mind.

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ahumblenar8r said...

It was a great week, but I was disappointed in drivers in general (in particular a black H2 with chrome). The weather has been cooperative and I hope it is a positive sign for summer. I really need to try CX sometime.