Thursday, August 7, 2008


This past weekend we went out to Vail, CO to ride for a few days. I took both the road and mountain bike so I could ride anything and everything. Friday morning my Dad, Larry and I went out for a 2 1/2 hour mtb ride. It's great to be able to ride straight from your front door to super buff single-track. That afternoon Larry, Kathy, Tarah and I went out for a short road ride to loosen the legs up before Copper Triangle. 15 miles toward Vail Pass and downhill all the way home. That night was the first of many dinners in Vail and we enjoyed all the fine food and drink that Vail has to offer. Saturday morning we got up bright and early to start on the Copper Triangle. 78 miles over 3 mountains (Fremont Pass, Tennessee Pass, and Vail Pass). Tarah, Kathy, and I rode most of it together back to Vail, then they called it a day at the house. After 60 miles Kathy needed to feed Levi and Tarah's body was falling apart. When we got to Vail Village, I was told that my dad had 45 minutes on me with 18 miles left. I took off up Vail Pass, legs feeling fresh. It was by far the fastest I'd ever climbed Vail Pass. When I finally finished in Copper after the descent my dad was 2 minutes ahead of me. It was all I had, but it wasn't enough. After a couple beers and a quick talk by Davis Phinney we headed back to the house for more food.
Sunday morning my dad and I got in 15 to spin the legs out. The rest of the day we just relaxed and strolled around the farmers market. I bought some Ski's from Pepe's. Some Volkl Tiger Sharks that I demo'd in February. Super stiff skis that remind me of my System6. It'll give me an excuse to get out to Vail more now that I own some killer skis.
Monday We got up and rode Vail Pass again. This one didn't hurt as bad as Saturday, but it's still a tough climb. Tarah, Kathy, Levi and I then packed up and headed home. We stopped by Trifecta Multisport in Littleton to see Todd and Christian. Very cool shop with a great layout.
This week I've been playing catch-up and trying to get ready for BOSS CROSS SHORT TRACK! See you out there.

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