Sunday, November 8, 2009

HPT Cross and Moots

I finally got my Moots cross bike built up yesterday just in time for the Heartland Park Topeka Race. I got a late start out to the race, which was once again top notch, and got changed and registered. I've come to realize that I'm not nearly as fit as I was this time last year. I know that I would be battling out for a win in the cat 3 field, but since I upgraded to a 2, I have to battle it out for last place in the 1/2 field. It's not much fun watching 15 guys ride away from me, and despite my efforts I can't hang on. On a happier note, the new bike rode great! Everything felt really smooth on it, and the handling was spot on. I need to make a couple minor adjustments today, but it will be ready to go for the next race. I'll get some pictures up very soon.
So...Ironman Florida was yesterday. That means that registration opens today at noon for the 2010 race. It sold out in 6 minutes online last year. I'm gonna throw my hat in the ring for it and see what happens. My entire 2010 race schedule will be dependent on if I get in or not. I'll get my tentative race schedule up here very soon, but it will be guaranteed to include dk200 a little bit of road racing, and some ultra runs.


Joshua Stamper said...

My hat is off to you for taking it up to the next level and going to a Cat 2! That is a huge step up, and you are helping develop a precedence that being a "career Cat 3" will not make you a better racer. Kudos. Perhaps after I get a season of geared racing under my belt I will work up the gumption to make the jump:-)
Congrats to you and Kathy on the newest wee Fox!

MarkK said...

Where's the Moots???
That thing is cyclocross-sweet!

My comments on Joe's HPT race:
"Joe's looking pretty solid...I bet he could keep that pace for another 11 or 12 hours...throw down a little gravel and he'd be good for at least 15"