Sunday, November 8, 2009

2010 Schedule (tentative)

So I am officially registered for Ironman Florida 2010!
As I said earlier, this would be the deciding race in my 2010 schedule. So at this point in time my 2010 race schedule is as follows:

12/31 and 1/3 Series 60 cross races
2/13 Psycho Wyco 50k trail run
3/28 Ouachita Challenge
4/11 Brew to Brew solo 44 mile run
4/24-25 Transiowa
5/8 Rock Creek 1/2 marathon
6/5 Dirty Kanza 200
7/10 Psycho Psummer 50k
7/25 Rock Creek night 20 mile race
8/8 Ironman Boulder 70.3
8/14 Leadville 100 mtb (upon accepted application)
11/6 Ironman Florida

That's the plan at this point in time. I'll be doing as many road races and local mtb races as I can between now and then. Somehow in between the races I have to run 2 shops and come April manage 2 kids! It looks to be a fun year!

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