Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DK coming up soon

It's been too long once again.
I've been very busy lately. Kathy and I had our baby boy, Max Lawrence Fox on April 14th. The family is growing very quickly.
I've been able to ride quite a bit lately though. I got in 36 straight days from April 17th - May 22nd, capping it off w/ a 145 mile training ride for DK200. I feel good, fit and fairly strong. I hope it goes as well as last year.
I'll be riding my Ira Ryan again this year. Same set up as last year w/ a new tubeless front wheel. Good reliable set up for this potentially very long ride. I hope to finish in under 15 hours this year. But with the speed and strength of the field this year, that will probably not even crack the top 15. But if I'm faster than last year I'll be pleased.
Pics, reports and other updates to follow.

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Cornbread said...

Great race again this year Joe! Stoked to have you there on the podium with me. Congrats!

I'm looking forward to the Farmhouse Classic! I'll rally a Nebraska crew. See ya soon.