Friday, January 29, 2010

a few updates

It's been a long and crazy few weeks.
On the 6th of Jan, I flew down to Florida with my buddy Josh Winkler (winklerslawncare). We spent three days riding across the lovely and flat state of Florida from Ft. Myers to Miami Beach.
It just so happened that we flew down there during the coldest weather that Florida has seen since the 1920s. Geckos were falling out of trees, manatees were dying in numbers and we were pedaling our sorry butts and freezing right along with them all.
We rode with my dad and our good friend Rick Heiniger. We put in 96 miles the first day, 72 miles the second day and 49 miles on the third day as we rode straight onto the pier of Miami Port and boarded our Cruise ship for a 8 day cruise through the caribbean. Our lovely wives met us at the ship and the 4 of us had a great vacation.
Here's some pics from the ride. (in reverse order)
The four of us after the end of the third and final day.
Josh and I before crossing the final causeway to our ship
My plastic bag shoe covers that filled with water. (day two was 40 and raining all day)
Purchasing rain suits at Ace hardware. Best $10 I spent.
Leaving Ft. Myers. Notice how two of us were carrying everything.

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