Sunday, April 26, 2009

spring time musings

A lot has been going on the last couple months, and I've fallen way behind on my blogging "duties". With a lot on my mind it's time for a little catch up and a few predictions for the future.
Cycle City Bike & Running Company is up and in full force. Things have been going remarkably well, but extremely busy. The addition of running shoes, apparel, and accessories adds a whole new dynamic to the shop, but we now set ourselves completely apart from any shop in the city.
I've been able to ride quite a bit. Not a ton of miles, but enough to maintain some fitness, and hope for the best for the coming weeks. This coming weekend is Trans-Iowa. This has really been taking up the majority of my cycling related thoughts. It will be the hardest event I have ever done by far. A finish at TI is very respectable, and my 30 hour goal will make me extremely happy. I've got a beautiful new bike that rides as good as it looks. I'll get some pictures up soon.
Besides work and cycling, the element of my life that consumes me the most (in a good way!) is my family. Kathy and I are so proud of our little Levi. He is growing up so fast. Last weekend he turned 1, it's hard to believe sometimes. Kathy and I are taking a 3 day trip to Chicago in a few weeks. Just the two of kid, no work, just us. I can't wait!
I'll get some pics of TI, the new bike, and the new shop on here soon, but for the time being here's some pics of Levi for you entertainment.

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