Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hello 2009!

I haven't posted in a good 6 weeks, so I am going to do a recap, then get ready for 2009.
We finished our Boss Cross Series, and look forward to 8 short track MTB races, and 3 more cross races in 2009. Cross Nationals went off without any major glitches. I think racers really liked the course for the most part. The professionalism and staff was awesome. My race went poorly. But after 5 days of set-up, I was happy to finish on the same lap as the leaders.
I didn't touch a bike for almost 3 full weeks after that, and took a much needed rest. It didn't come without it's repercussions. I felt extremely weak my first two races back (even though I pulled out a 2nd on New Years), and I managed to get to my heaviest I've been since before I started riding a bike. I know it's the "off-season", but my body wants to take more time off than I can allow. With one more cross race left, and only a couple months until the first major races of 2009, I need to get back with it.
My 2008 top 5 list will come shortly.
Followed by my 2009 races and goals.
Happy New Year!

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