Friday, October 17, 2008

Levi's first ride!

Last weekend was the famed Octoginta ride in Lawrence.
Kathy and Levi and I spent the weekend in Lawrence enjoying the cycling and the local grub. After a sub-par result in the TT we cruised the streets, had a couple meals and sold some stuff at the swap-meet. Made enough money to make the weekend worthwhile. Saturday night I bolted a rod-like contraption into the Burley trailer and hooked Levi's car-seat into it. The extra 60 pounds behind the bike makes a big difference. Should make for some good training though. The FWC (future world champion) did great on his first ride. We pulled into the first sag right as he was getting hungry. Found Mom, ate a little breakfast and then headed back down the road. He got a little fussy one other time but for the most part he really seemed to enjoy the ride.

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jdstamp said...

Joe it looks like you just got pulled over by the police.....and are grinning about it