Monday, June 30, 2008

Bikes and Family

It's been a busy couple weeks and I figured it was time to drop a few lines. No races the past couple weeks for myself, but our team had a great showing yesterday at Baldwin City.
I've been riding a lot, mostly commuting, but the miles have been feeling good. I didn't ride much Saturday or Sunday, but instead slept in and spent extra time with the family. We got a group together Friday and rode to the farmhouse in Lathrop. It was Kathy's second ride back since Levi, and she did great. We rolled in about 8:30, just beating one of the most amazing storms I've ever seen. We sat on the porch eating BBQ and enjoying the company of friends and family. Saturday I worked on the fence with my dad and Derek, and went down to Power Plant that evening to hang out with the team, and take some pictures. We had a lot of guys out of town so we didn't have the whole team, but those who came down are the ones that have been doing all of the racing. The team is really strong, and I think the next couple years will be exciting.
Tarah and Tristan got engaged last weekend, and they are planning a wedding for next June. The family is growing all the time!
I've got big plans for riding this weekend, and hope to get in a lot of miles. Next week I'm going to Park City Utah for the Cannondale show. 4 days of riding in the mountains on some sweet bikes...should be a good time.

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