Thursday, April 24, 2008

Baby and Bikes

Levi is one week old. It's amazing how much he changes and grows on a daily basis. He is a great eater, and learning to be a good sleeper. He's only up twice a night to get fed and changed. I do my part in changing him, but I'm yet to adapt to feeding.
I've got to build two of the coolest bikes in the last 24 hours! My Fisher Superfly came it...23.0 lbs with pedals. Should be under 22 lbs after a while. I look forward to a season of racing on it!
My dad also ordered a Look 586. This bike has graced the cover of every major cycling publication in the last couple of months, but the pictures don't do it justice.
It is hands down the coolest bike I've ever worked on. Full Campy Record, Fulcrum Racing Zero wheels w/ Easton cockpit.
Baby Pics to come soon!

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